Ballet Folklorico Flor y Canto



Flor y Canto has dancers ages ranging from 4 to mid-50s. Their classes offer a fitness program to help with endurance for Folkorico is a very difficult dance to perform at a professional level. Along with discipline, the group shares many moments of learning about family, respect and the foundations of teamwork. The group travels locally and nationally together in harmony and has a lot of fun making Ballet Folkorico a lifestyle. Their travels allow the group to see the beaches, other cities, small towns, other cultures of dancing as well as an opportunity to be educated by every day people. Other dance groups have partnered with Flor y Canto and have become family, this group is beyond a dance troop. They are humble and full of life and passion, ready to bring the world of Ballet Folkorico to your home or to your event! 

Flor y Canto has attended many workshops to better their technique and performance quality. Their recent International Mariachi Conference in Tuscon, Arizona has helped them guide to a group that is organized, professional and educates about 'La Raza' techinque in addition to their classes that offer much education in traditional folkorico choreography.