Ballet Folklorico Flor y Canto


Ballet Folklorico Flor Y Canto

Ballet Folklorico Flor y Canto, Inc. was founded on January of 2010 by Miguel A. Valdez Sr.& Miguel A. Valdez Jr. to initiate an activity for the community of Montana Vista, Texas. The purpose is to spread our culture interpreting distinct regions of Mexico through the art of dance, cultivating interest in the communities for the youth and adults in the folkloric traditions; dance, music, choir and costuming. The commitment is to their community and the preservation of the beauty in their culture, obtaining recognition through their hard work and effort. Today the group is formed not only by students of the community but also by students from different areas of El Paso, Texas.

Miguel Valdez, Sr. began dancing in Hollenbeck J.H & Roosevelt H.S. in East Los Angeles, CA. He initiated dancing professionally with Ballet Folklorico Floricanto under the teaching of Director Gema Valdez Sandoval whom studied under Director Rafael Zamarripa, Univer. of Guadalajara along with Mr. Emilio Rivas, as well as Rafael Vega of the Academia de Danza de Bellas Artes. 

Today Miguel Valdez teaches traditional Folklorico classes free of charge and performs for Local, National and International events with his group Flor Y Canto. 

4th of July Parade in Ontario, California.

Mariachi Loco Festival, Downtown El Paso, TX

Historical District of San Elisario, TX